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Drew Michael Tallwear was founded in 2018 based on a keen obsession to create high quality, tailored fitting tall menswear.

About Drew Michael
While having this dream to produce his own tall men’s clothing, Drew bounced around in careers that were unfulfilling and mundane. The idea lingered and never died, while starting to grow more than ever when he noticed new tall brands emerging. He tried all their clothes and began critiquing the style, sewing techniques, and fabrics. Some fits were right, or close to right, and some needed tweaking, but most of all noticing it could be done better. He felt they lacked details, quality fabric, and styling that can take a garment from average to great.  After three years of perfecting the tall fit and learning the production process, Drew left his real estate career and set out with a passion to redefine how tall clothing was developed.

The Brand
Tall men are the Danes of this world. With our head high and standards even higher, average is something we’ve always been above. Our larger than life, strong-willed, gentle giant vibe is something we embrace. Drew Michael Tallwear exists to provide you high quality tall menswear options, so you can look better and feel better, in everything you do.